lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

So, this is my first post, I'm so excited about this blog, I hope everybody enjoy this as much as I´m gonna do it.

 For me fashion is not just about clothes, tendencies, high couture, expensive clothes, New York and Paris, is more like a way of living, is the way you express yourself to the world, what you wear, where you eat, how you talk, EVERYTHING is about fashion, everything is constantly changing, the funny thing of this is the autenticity, yeah is FASHION, but fashion runways, the magazines, the fashion icons, ect. are just references, fashion is what YOU make of yourself.

There is always a way to relate fashion to all the daily events, you can style everything you do, you can workout with style, you can talk with style, you can eat with style... EVERYTHING but we have to be clear that every person is different so there is not an only way of being stylish or fashionable, every person does it in their own way.

I also would like to talk about another passion in my life: sports.

Since I was a little kid, I enter to the world of track & field and I am sure that sweat, tiredness and style are a great combination.

I hope you can identify with this blog, basically is about a girl that is in love with the sports, fashion, music and life.

Claus. xo.

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